• ACE - Accelerated and Creative Education

    ACE Faculty

    • Mandy Zipfel - Special Program Coordinator, AP Coordinator
    • Mary Clayton - Gifted Programs Coordinator, ACE Facilitator at International Studies, Whole Group Enrichment
    • Haley Jones - ACE Facilitator at Leadership, Whole Group Enrichment, International Studies ACE Facilitator
    • April Ramer - JKC Whole Group Enrichment, HWES ACE Facilitator, HWES Whole Group Enrichment             
    • Stephanie Richardson - ACE Facilitator at VPA, Grades 3-6 & Whole Group Enrichment 1-2
    • Bettina Murphy - Math & Science ACE Facilitator, Math & Science Whole Group Enrichment, VPA ACE Facilitator, VPA Whole Group Enrichment
  • JPS Accelerated and Creative Education

    The Jonesboro School District acknowledges the existence of the unique educational needs of gifted students. The district is committed to providing:

    • A program which will allow these students to pursue independent, self-directed learning,
    • A variety of activities and experiences designed to develop higher levels of thinking, and
    • Encouragement to strengthen task commitment and creative potential.

    Gifted students are encouraged in the development of leadership skills through different decision making and problem solving activities. Various methods are used to make students aware of individual abilities and to assist students in self-evaluation.

    JPS GT Scope & Sequence

    DESE GT Standards