Suzanne Faught, JPS School Improvement Specialist
  • Suzanne Faught is over these areas of concentration:
    • School Improvement
    • 504
    • Migrant
    • Family Community Engagement


    Jonesboro Public Schools recognizes and supports families, the child's first and most important teachers, as essential partners for student success through engaging in meaningful communication to provide an effective learning experience for each student. Parent and Family Engagement reflects the four principles upon which the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). These principles provide the framework through which families, educators, and communities can work together to improve teaching and learning:
    • Accountability for results
    • Local control and flexibility
    • Expanded parental choice
    • Effective and successful programs that reflect scientifically-based research

      Parent and Family Engagement also focuses on accountability between schools and parents for high student achievement, while offering parents important insight into their children's education, the professional qualifications of their child's teacher and the quality of the schools they attend.The district has FACE Coordinators at each building to ensure that connections are made and opportunities are provided to families to have a voice in the educational environment of the students served.

    FACE Coordinators for JPS are as follows:

    Health, Wellness, and Environmental Studies Elementary School-Alicia Rose
    International Studies Elementary School-Katie Beth Lovell
    Jonesboro Kindergarten Center- Paige Cothern
    Math and Science Elementary School-Sara Rout
    Microsociety Elementary School-Lindsay Phillips
    Visual Performing Arts Elementary School-Carri Baker
    Annie Camp Junior High School-Elizabeth Corey
    Douglas MacArthur Junior High School- Rebecca Long
    The Academies of Jonesboro High School- Deb Cook