International Studies

  • International Studies features high academic standards for ALL children. Each classroom features top of the line technology for our teachers and students to utilize during their learning. Every student has access to an ipad for their learning experience. The dominant literacy focus is reflected in every element of school, including an attractive readers’ lounge in every classroom. The school’s international focus extends beyond the classroom. I.S. students make a difference in the world in which they live and we do our best to prepare them to be global thinkers. Through community service projects, students have raised support for children in Africa and China, and raised money to save a rainforest in South America. We also focus on our community needs and support our local Food Bank, the Craighead Out of the Dark, Warm Wishes Project, and Make A Wish foundation. International Studies has adopted The Ron Clark Academy House System that brings a dynamic, exciting, and proven way to create a positive climate and culture for students and staff. Our students and staff are sorted into one of six possible House's. From day one on campus our House's then compete throughout the school year by following our Global Guides, earning positive office referrals (Level Ups), and taking part in competitions. Our EAST program is in its second year and continues to flourish. Students that are selected to participate in the EAST program will get opportunities to create projects that will make an impact on our community and possibly the world.  Learning a foreign language is fun at I.S. Each student (1st-6th grade) receives 40 minutes of Spanish instruction each week. Our fine arts department focuses on art and music from around the world and we have a beautiful library to fit every students' needs.