Why Choose HWES?

    • Promotes hands-on meaningful activities that make learning more relevant and engaging
    • Offers an emphasis on Healthy Bodies, Food/Nutrition, and Physical Fitness
    • Promotes healthy minds and healthy bodies that increase the opportunity for student success
    • Creates an awareness of environmental issues such as pollution, global warming, water supply, world wide famine and disease, etc.
    Our Goals Are Achieved Through…...
    • Motivational hands-on learning experiences that get children involved with real world problems
    • Unique enriched instructional opportunities in STEAM lab, Nutrition Lab, and three outdoor classrooms
    • Daily morning Step it Up walking program to get students motivated and alert for learning
    • Opportunities to participate in Environmental Studies activities such as a recycling station, nutritional studies and experiments
    • Breakfast in the classroom for a nutritional start to the day
    • Programs that promote health and wellness including Drug/Alcohol Prevention and Health
    • Monthly events for families such as Family Reading Nights, hands on math activities and promoting healthy living  


    Services Available....

    • Reading and Math Support for students with academic difficulties
    • Interim Assessment to promote ACT Aspire test success in grades 3-6
    • ACE/Gifted & Talented services featuring both a pull-out and enrichment program
    • School-Based Mental Health services
    • 1 to 1 student iPads with internet in all areas of the building
    • Current technology (including Interactive projectors, SMART Interactive Flat Panels and Apple TV) available in classroom for instructional use
    • STAR/After-school tutoring
    • Parent Center


    • SWCC Lunch Buddies
    • Lunchtime Book Clubs
    • Cane Squad
    • Character Education
    • Robotics Team
    • PBIS

    • Weekly STEAM classes for all students

    • CANE and ACE Enrichment Classes