• Math & Science Magnet School

    Students at Math and Science Magnet experience the challenge and excitement of a practical, hands-on learning approach to science while learning problem solving and abstract thinking. A well-equipped STEM lab provides a unique learning environment available to all 1st – 6th grade students. Our program is designed to help learners become aware of the real-life connections between mathematics and science in their everyday lives. To engage each child completely in the latest technology, each child has access to their own laptop computer in every classroom. iPads are also available for all students through the library. Math and Science Magnet also started a weekly news broadcast. In 5th grade, students apply in the spring to have the opportunity to try out for the news show, "Real Time with Math & Science." The entire show is produced by students who meet weekly to come up with stories and broadcast out to the student body each month. Come visit Math and Science and see how our school might be a good choice for your child!

Math & Science Building