January 1, 2022

Posted by Jonesboro Public Schools on 1/1/2022


Welcome Back!  I hope you had a restful break and enjoyed some quality time with your family and loved ones. 

As we return, COVID numbers are on the rise in Craighead County.  We know a number of you may have already been directly impacted by COVID over the holiday break.  We also know with the number of holiday gatherings in the past two weeks, we might anticipate a rise in not only COVID cases, but also those who will be required to quarantine. 

Because of these factors, we are encouraging (but not requiring) staff and students to wear masks around others until the numbers decline.

The following is the latest guidance regarding both Isolation and Quarantine protocols. If you have any specific questions, I would encourage you to contact your school nurse.

If You Test Positive for COVID-19 (Isolate)

    EVERYONE (regardless of vaccination status):

  • You must stay home for 5 days.
  • If you have no symptoms at the end of 5 days, you may return to school.
  • You should continue to wear a mask around others for 5 additional days.

If you have a fever, continue to stay home until your fever resolves.  You must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

If You Were Exposed to Someone with COVID-19 (Quarantine)


  • You do not have to quarantine unless you start showing symptoms.

If you develop symptoms, you should get a test and stay home.

     If You are UNVACCINATED:

  • You should stay home for 5 days.  If you don’t show symptoms, you can return on the 6th day. 
  • After that, you should continue to wear a mask around others for 5 additional days.

If you develop symptoms, get a test and stay home.

I know if you are like me, you are COVID weary.  We are now approaching two years of this dark cloud that seems to linger over every aspect of our life.  We have a challenge like no other....keeping kids safe while receiving in-person instruction.  We continue to be committed to providing your child the safest learning environment possible! 

Thank you for your continued support of the Jonesboro School District!