April 7, 2020

Posted by Jonesboro Public Schools on 4/7/2020

• Letter to JHS Class of 2020

• JPS End of Year Plan due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Elementary K-6 AMI:

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) will continue through the remainder of the school year. Students in grades K-6 will continue with the PBS curriculum until May 1st.  During the weeks of May 4-15, the JPS Curriculum Team will work with lead teachers to create a video series that is similar to Arkansas AMI. The instructional materials and expectations for student work will be comparable to the PBS materials. Teachers will use the week of May 18-22 to collect student materials, devices, and upload grades.

Students will be given a Pass or Fail for submitted weekly assignments. Teachers will assign a Pass or Fail for the end of quarter and semester grades.


Students in grades 7-11 will continue with Google Classroom or Edgenuity until May 15th. No semester exams will be given. Teachers will use the week of May 18-22 to collect student materials, devices, and upload grades. Regular grading will remain in place through the end of the school year. Students will receive additional information on the collection of technology devices. 

Seniors (and students enrolled in CTE, Concurrent or AP courses): 

Seniors will attend school, virtually, until April 15, 2020, if they are in good standing to graduate. During this time, our expectation is that assignments made through Google Classroom, AP Classroom, or Edgenuity will be completed to the best of your ability. We also expect that any missing work will be submitted. You should expect grades and feedback to be rendered for these assignments.  

  • Seniors currently enrolled in CTE courses preparing for industry certifications will be contacted by their instructors concerning the format for those assessments. A “completer” designation is still solely dependent upon the completion of coursework. 
  • Seniors enrolled in concurrent courses will still receive college credit so long as the coursework assigned by teachers via Google Classroom is fully completed and submitted on time. 
  • Students enrolled in AP courses will still have the ability to test for college credit. Students will be taking online-based, 45-minute exams during the weeks of May 11-22. These exams can be taken from home using school-issued computers, personal tablets, or personal smartphones. Expect more correspondence concerning concurrent and AP courses from your teachers and administrators as the year progresses.

You will receive communication concerning how to turn in your computers in an orderly fashion before your diplomas are issued. Graduation is a topic currently being discussed by JPS administrators, and you should expect more details concerning how diplomas will be issued as we move closer to your last day.

Breakfast and Lunch Program:

The district will continue to provide meals at multiple sites through the district.  Please share this information. 

Food Sites Include:

MicroSociety: 11:00-12:00
Annie Camp Jr. High School: 11:00-12:00
AC is now a WALK-UP Site
Word Baptist Church: 11:00-12:00
Cedar Heights: 11:00-12:00
Parker Park: 11:00-12:00
Arrowhead and Duncan Roads 11:00-12:00
Fire Station at Brazos: 11:00-12:00

Important Dates to Remember:

April 15 - Last Day for Seniors

May 1 - Last Day for PBS delivery of AMI

May 4-15 - District delivery of AMI (more info to follow)

May 15 - Last Day for AMI instruction

May 18-22 - Turn in all assignments, Collect Technology Plan Awards Ceremonies and Celebrations